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Employers FAQs

We undertook research in 2013 which indicated that Irish employees view health insurance as one of the most valuable benefits offered by an employer. Seventy nine per cent of Irish employees say they’d be more loyal to an employer who looked after their health. In an increasingly pressurised work environment, a healthy workforce has a positive impact on productivity and morale and reduces absenteeism and staff turnover.

Irish Life Health is committed to offering business customers excellent service, with plans and benefits that give you greater control of your health. Our corporate plans have been designed following extensive research with corporate health insurance purchasers.

A group scheme can be set up for companies wishing to cover three or more people. It's a straightforward process; you can either switch from your existing insurer today or you can set up a group scheme by contacting us if you do not have one in place at present.

Yes, you can choose a start date that suits you best and we will work closely with you to choose this date when we are helping you to set up your group scheme.

It's up to you! You can choose the date that you want your account debited on, so you can stay in control of your health insurance and your finances. 

Starting your health scheme with Irish Life Health couldn't be simpler. You choose your plan, your start date and select a payment option that suits you best. Send us the details of the people on your scheme and that's it, you're covered.

Once your group scheme has been set up, you can add new members or make changes at any time online, allowing your administration to be simplified and recorded in real time.  

Yes, at Irish Life Health we believe in offering excellent service. As well as your account manager from the sales team we have a dedicated Group Support Team that will assist you throughout the year with any administration queries you may have. The Group Support Team can be contacted by calling 1890 721 721 Mon-Fri 9am - 7pm.

Yes, that's no problem. Who pays for employees dependants is at the discretion of your company. If you/your company choose to pay for your employees dependants, your employees simply give their dependants' details to you or your scheme administrator to add to your scheme online.

If you/your company is paying for the employee only, your employees simply call Irish Life Health directly and we can make the additions to their plan. In this case we apply 'split billing' to your membership, so the company would pay its contribution and the employee would pay the balance directly to Irish Life Health.

Yes, that's no problem either! In this case, your employees should contact Irish Life Health directly to change their cover. By adding split billing to your membership, the company pays its contribution and the employee pays the balance for the upgrade directly to Irish Life Health.

Benefit in kind applies when an employer is paying for their employees’ health insurance (or a percentage of it). The employee is liable for tax on the portion that the employer pays. However the BIK liability is usually a fraction of the cost of a health insurance plan. For more information please see www.revenue.ie. 

Our customer service centre is in Cork and our headquarters is in Dublin.

Yes, a copy of your policy wording is available from our website.