FAQs - Fitness Challenge - Irish Life Health


All secondary schools in Ireland can enter the Irish Life Health Schools' Fitness Challenge.

You can only register online on this site. To register, follow these steps:

  • The teacher should register online on behalf of the school, stating the school’s name, contact details and year(s) taking part. You should also indicate the school's demographic category.
  • You should have one main point of contact, and include that person’s email and mobile phone number.
  • The teacher entering the Challenge on behalf of the school is responsible for ensuring that all information submitted is accurate and true.
  • Any decision on whether or not a school qualifies for the Challenge is based on: 1) your initial registration form being completed in full and: 2) the Challenge also being completed correctly.
  • There is no entry fee

Once you have registered online, you will be send a Challenge Pack. This includes the bleep test on CD and guidelines of how to complete the Challenge successfully. We’ll also update you and send reminders by text message or email.

No, registering for the Irish Life Health Schools’ Fitness Challenge is free for all schools.

Once you register online, we’ll send your school a Challenge Pack and you can download the bleep test from this website.

Many variations of the bleep test are available online. That’s why we strongly advise you to use the CD available on our website.

You should receive your Pack in September, before the Challenge starts. If you don’t receive it, please

Only one teacher should register on behalf of their school to receive a pack.

Only one teacher should register on behalf of their school. So you should register first, second, third and fourth year classes at the same time and only include one point of contact for the school.

  • Your secondary schools students
  • A flat, non-slippery surface at least 20m in length (can be indoor or outdoor)
  • Fitness test audio files available on our website
  • Speakers
  • Cones (up to 10)
  • 20 metre measuring tape

No – we only record pupils’ fitness levels. Names or personal information are not needed and aren't recorded. Individual fitness test results will be kept strictly confidential. We combine a school’s fitness test results, then use an average value to identify the winners.

Visit this site and click 'Submit Results'.

We’ll post details of the winning schools on this website at the end of the Challenge. You can also see general observations and trends relating to fitness levels.

No. We want the Challenge to be a positive experience for everyone involved. So while schools are rewarded for taking part, no one will be embarrassed and individual performances won’t be highlighted.
Instead we only use the information we collect to give an overview of Irish school childrens’ fitness levels.

However, if a school, teacher or student perform particularly well and want to publicise it, we’ll be more than happy to discuss this with you.

We’ll contact the winning schools directly before announcing the winning schools.

You can contact us here . However, you should be able to find all the information about the Challenge here and in your Challenge Pack.

Exercise physiologist Dr  Sarah Kelly (Institute of Technology, Carlow) and the Schools’ Fitness Challenge creator, Prof. Niall Moyna (Centre for Preventive Medicine, Dublin City University) oversee the Challenge and assess its results.