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Surviving the Workout Buddy Break-up

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Although fitness wisdom is in abundance these days, it can be difficult to know what to listen to and there are conflicting opinions everywhere you look. What most fitness gurus can agree on, however, is that working out is much easier (and more fun), if you have someone to do it with.

According to Pure Results Bootcamp trainers partnering up with a workout buddy is a sure-fire way to stay motivated and achieve your goals. But, like any relationship, sometimes they just don’t work out. One person’s fitness goals change, or the other’s life might make it difficult to constantly put the same time aside for the gym. 

There’s plenty of advice available about how to fix these issues, but none for what happens when things just don’t work, and a breakup occurs. Here are some of our top tips for recovering from a workout buddy breakup.

Try Something Different

Try including something new in your exercise routine

There’s no benefit in haunting your old workout locations like the ghost of push-ups past. Similar to a real breakup, it helps to avoid your most frequently visited spots, at least for a little while. Why not form associations with some new places? This will also help to reinvigorate your fitness routine – whether that means taking up a new fitness class, trying a different running, walking or cycling route, or even seeing if you can join a new exercise group. We have a tendency to resist change but it often ends up being the best thing for us.

Meet New Faces

Workout buddy breakups open up an opportunity to meet someone new

A positive side effect of introducing some change into your workout routine post-buddy breakup is that it gives you the opportunity to get to know a new group of potential buddies. Exercise has become as much an acceptable social activity as going out for dinner, or to a party — it’s a great way to make new friends. If you’re smarting after being dumped by your workout-ex, meeting new people is a great way to remind yourself that there’s plenty more fish in the fitness sea.

Stay on Course

Don’t let a workout buddy breakup derail your fitness goals

Breaking up with your fitness buddy is tough, but while exercising can be a great social activity it’s also important to remember the reasons you are stepping up your fitness game. Ultimately your fitness goals have nothing to do with other people and everything to do with making yourself feel your best. It’s all about you – which is why you should strive and do your best to stay on track.

Stop! Now Back Away from the Cake, Slowly

Try to resist temptation and stick to your goals

Breakups (of all kinds) are traumatic — nobody can disagree with that. The temptation to sink some of your wounded feelings into cake, chocolate or a tub of ice-cream, can be incredibly strong. Nobody is saying you shouldn’t treat yourself to a scoop or two the day after a breakup, but it’s important to remember that your decisions around fitness and exercise affect only you. So just keep striking a balance as much as possible; your body will thank you for it in the long run.