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New to private health insurance?

If you are aged 35 or older and do not have health insurance before 30th April 2015, your premium may cost more due to the introduction of Lifetime Community Rating.

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Please find a list of our covered scan centres here.

Yes, you can pay for your policy by direct debit. The first payment in any policy year may be more or less than the subsequent payment because your policy start date may be different to your chosen Direct Debit collection date. This may also occur if you decide to change your Direct Debit collection date mid-year.

Looking to switch health insurance?

You may have to serve your waiting periods again if you allow your health insurance to lapse for 13 weeks or more. You can read more about waiting periods here.

If you upgrade your cover you may have to serve an additional waiting period in respect of the extra benefits you receive as a result of the upgrade in cover.

If you would like to switch to Irish Life Health you can buy online or call us on 1890 714 444.  To purchase a plan, you will need your bank account details and PPS number to hand.

No. You will need to cancel your existing policy by contacting the health insurer.

Already have Irish Life Health Insurance Cover?

You can call us on  1890 714 444 to check if you are covered for a specific treatment. Please remember to have the following to hand:

  • Your consultants name
  • Your procedure code - you can get this from your consultant’s secretary 
  • The name of the hospital you will be attending

We will need to check that your waiting periods have been served also.

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Yes you are covered for accidents and emergencies abroad. You should call our international assistance number  on +353 148 17840 in advance of receiving your emergency care to have your medical care pre-authorised and arranged by us. Check your table of cover to see the level of cover available to you. 

When your policy is nearing its end date, you will receive a renewal invite from us detailing your new premium. If your circumstances have changed and you wish to change plan, you can contact us and we will go through your options with you.

If you are a direct debit customer and you want to continue on your same plan, you don't need to do anything, just continue your payment with us.

As a member of Irish Life Health, you have exclusive access to our member secure area.

You can see all our member benefits and rewards and have the ability to:

  • Have real time access to your policy details online
  • Make changes to personal details and cover details including updating your policy
  • Instantaneous online confirmation of all updates made

We have brought together a panel of clinical experts to create Back-Up, an innovative case management service providing advice on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for neck and back pain.

How Irish Life Health Back-up Works
If you are an Irish Life Health policy holder and experience any back or neck pain take the following steps to get Back-up:

Step 1: Call Back-Up on 1890 714 444.
Step 2: A customer care agent will establish that you are an Irish Life Health member, ask a couple of questions and book a triage assessment with your dedicated clinical case manager at a time that is convenient for you.
Step 3: Your Back-Up clinical case manager will assess your injury and advise a personalised treatment plan to help you to feel great again.

The contract relating to your membership of your Irish Life Health policy is for the duration of the policy year as specified on your membership certificate. Your policy may be cancelled by you (or, where circumstances permit, by a group scheme sponsor) upon the provision to us of notice in writing.
If you cancel your policy prior to the end of the policy year, we will not pay any claims made in respect of the period following the date of cancellation and we will seek to recover from you the losses and expenses incurred by Irish Life Health as a result of your cancellation in the form of a cancellation charge.

Still have a question? You contact us by email at  or call us on 1890 714 444.