Our membership area provides you with a wide variety of choices to help you manage your Irish Life Health insurance more effectively and at your own convenience. 

Logging into your membership area

1. Log on here.

2.  Enter your username . This is your membership number on your member card or policy documentation.

3. Request a password. Your password will be sent to the email address you chose when setting up your policy.

4. You can now change your password for your own chosen password

In the membership area you can do the following:

Make Changes to Your Plan

  • The policyholder is the only person who is allowed to make changes to a plan, unless the policyholder has told us that a 3rd party has power to act on the policyholder’s behalf.
  • The policy holder can add or remove dependents and make changes to the plan.
  • If you are a member of a group scheme and your membership is sponsored by or paid for by an employer, professional body or other entity you will have to pay for any additional cover not agreed to by such a group scheme sponsor.
  • If you do change your plan, please be aware that a supplementary exclusion period for upgrade of cover may apply. As soon as we have received all information about the change to your plan and you have paid the premium, we will send you a new membership certificate outlining your new plan details. It is important to let us know when there are any changes in your personal information.

Renew Your Plan

  • To renew your membership at the end of your policy year all that is required is for the payment of the premium to be continued. The cover provided under the plan and the premiums requested may change from time to time. If this happens, we will let the policyholder know in advance. The premium will only change on the renewal date.

Cancel your plan

  • Your policy may be cancelled by you (or, where circumstances permit, by a group scheme sponsor) upon the provision to us of notice in writing or by calling us on 1890 717 717. If you choose to cancel your policy before the end of your policy year Irish Life Health will apply a mid-term cancellation charge. For full details on cancellations please refer to your policy handbook.