The team behind the Challenge

The Health and Wellbeing Team from Irish Life Health have worked closely with Dublin City University to develop the Workplace Fitness Challenge and the Move Your MET app.

Exercise physiologist Dr Sarah Kelly and Schools’ Fitness Challenge creator Professor Niall Moyna from the DCU’s Centre for Preventive Medicine, will oversee this year’s Challenge.

Professor Niall Moyna

Head of School of Health and Human Performance, Centre for Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Science and Health, DCU.

Niall is a Professor in the School of Health and Human Performance and a member of the Centre for Preventive Medicine in DCU. He has held the position of Head of the School of Health and Human Performance and Associate Director of the Vascular Health Research Centre at DCU. He is currently a Principle Investigator on the Science Foundation Ireland funded CLARITY research centre.

Sarah Kelly Image

Dr. Sarah Kelly

Lecturer in the School of Health and Human Performance in DCU.
Sarah completed her PhD in Clinical Exercise Physiology in Dublin City University. 

Sarah’s research interests have focused on both sports performance and exercise/health-related issues. A major focus of her research has involved the role of exercise in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.