General FAQs

Irish Life Health has been established as a new force in the Irish health insurance market following the completion of Irish Life Group’s transactions to acquire Aviva Health and assume control of GloHealth, where Irish Life previously had a 49% shareholding.

Yes, Aviva Health has rebranded to Irish Life Health, but you don’t need to worry as this will have no impact to the plan you’re on now in any way. Unless you decide otherwise, or until your next renewal, everything will stay exactly the same.

No, your health policy stays the same and you don’t need to take any action.

Yes, everything will remain the same.

No, as this is just a rebrand your personal details have not been transfered.

Yes, all hospitals are aware of the rebrand and your health insurance policy will be accepted in the normal way.

No, you will still have access to all of the same hospitals.

No, you will not receive new documents until your next renewal. We will however send you a new Irish Life Health branded membership card in the coming weeks.

Irish Life Health will take ownership of all of the disputes.

Yes, this quote is valid for a policy with Irish Life Health. All quotes are valid for 30 days.

No, our hours will remain the same. They are 9am - 7pm, Monday to Friday.

You can still contact us in Cork on 1890 717 717.


Claims will continue to be paid in line with your current policy terms and conditions. You can make a claim by sending your receipts to us in Cork or claiming online. Claims will continue to be processed by our team in Cork.


No, nothing will change in this policy year.